May 14, 2014 - Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

We at Pro-Built are pleased to have been awarded the $3.8 million phase 1 expansion project for Providence Grain Solutions at Marengo, Saskatchewan. This project will entail the complete design and build of a state of the art grain cleaning facility. Cleaning equipment utilized in this expansion will have the capacity to clean cereals to export standards at a guaranteed rate of 240 metric tonnes per hour with potential to clean to 400 tonnes per hour. It will be able to clean all commodities of cereals, oilseeds and pulses direct to railcar or back to storage at 10,000 bushels per hour. At these capacities the location will be able to clean, bin or load to railcar as quickly as it is received avoiding double handling. This is truly a state of the art system that will set the bar for high volume commercial cleaning within the industry. Construction has commenced and expected to be completed summer of 2014.